Preventative Heater Maintenance 101

Although Sacramento’s weather is sunny and warm throughout most of the year, having a reliable furnace during the heating season ensures comfort during chilly winter weather. To ensure that your furnace is ready for below-freezing nighttime temperatures, remember to conduct basic preventative maintenance regularly. Here are some simple preventative maintenance steps you can take to keep you furnace healthy.

Change Your Furnace Filter
Your furnace filter is a very important component of your home’s HVAC system. It blocks dust, dirt, dander, and other indoor air pollutants from entering your HVAC system and re-circulating throughout the home. However, as more pollutants are blocked, your furnace filter will get dirty and clogged. Remember to inspect your furnace filter once every couple of weeks. When it gets dirty, replace it right away. You can typically buy furnace filters in bulk to lower replacement costs.

Inspect Furnace Vents
If you have an oil- or gas-powered furnace, it will feature vents that allow dangerous gases to escape to the outdoors. Check these vents to make sure they are in good condition and free of holes or leaks. Installing carbon monoxide detectors in multiple rooms is another great way to check for the presence of gas throughout the home. If you notice potential ventilation problems, call a furnace repair technician right away.

Keep it Clean
Make sure your furnace is as clean as possible. Dirt and dust accumulation may not seem like such a big deal, but it can cause problems when debris builds up inside the furnace and its moving parts. Keeping the outside clean helps to prevent contamination of the furnace’s interior.