Is It Time To Service Your Electric Water Heater?

Electric hot water heaters are almost always in operation throughout the day. Without the proper service, problems can arise before the end of a water heater’s lifespan. Recognizing the signs that indicate your water heater needs the attention of an HVAC specialist can save you money down the road.

  • High Electric Bills: If your electric bill suddenly rises inexplicably, one of your appliances could be to blame. Hot water heaters use differing amounts of energy depending on the season; but when something goes wrong, they can consume vast amounts of power, resulting in raised utility costs. Have your heating and air specialist inspect your hot water heater.
  • Constant Cycling: Your water heater should activate only as needed; cycling on and off frequently may indicate a problem in need of repair. Inside the water heater are systems of pressure relief valves that can make noise while operating, but a constant, high whistle is an indication of possible pressure issues and should be addressed by your HVAC contractor.
  • Water Deposits: Inside electric hot water heaters, sacrificial anode rods slowly break down over time. These rods are designed to “attract” corrosion and prevent damage to the tank itself; but if the rods aren’t replaced regularly, they may degrade and cause the tank to rust. Rust-colored flecks of metal in your water are common signs of an inefficient sacrificial anode rod. Sediment from the municipal or groundwater supply also gradually builds within a hot water heater. Have your water heater flushed periodically by your HVAC specialist to ensure it stays clean on the inside.
  • No Hot Water: A lack of hot water can be caused by failure of the heating element or indicative of other issues. Hot water that runs out too quickly or is intermittent is another sign that something may be wrong with the thermostat in your water heater.